Hayden Krueger

Previous founder of the failed punk rock band Squirrels on Ritalin, he toured in the early 90's until lead singer of the group Tareyl Shaws died of cocaine overdose in 1993.  Hayden then found himself on a drinking binge for the next 11 years until he reawoke to a seemingly new life.  Now he claims to be in his early 20s and plays lead guitar for the name sake of his new band.

Darrell Gibbons

​​Sagitarius, enjoys long walks on the beach, deep restful meditation, bi-kama sutra, and salad wraps.  Always stressfully concerned about his hair.

Rusty Shackleford

Co-founder of the band Squirrels on Ritalin, Rusty first picked up the guitar at 3 months old.  He set it down for the first time at 12 years old because he needed 2 hands for intercourse.  His close relationship with his instrument has been off and on since as he cheated on his guitar with a pedal steel named ZumSteel

Jonathan "JK" "Scooter" Kolodiejzi

Ex heroin addict now booger-sugar addict, JK is the most sane member of the band who is not afraid to talk about his troubled past.  He enjoys compulsively lying and planting seeds of mistrust to one day tear the band apart he loves so.

Troy Stone

Pheraps the most interesting thing in Mr Stone's life is not being the drummer for Waitin' on Hayden, or his escape from a Vietnam prison cell on the isolated island of Kobyashi, but his ability to accurately gauge dick length or bust size and a person's favorite sex position perfectly within 5 minutes of meeting.